How to Apply Henna & Indigo

Ammonia can be used as a refrigerant gas, manufacture plastics, or explosives. This chemical can cause lung cancer, blindness, or death if exposed to high doses. P-phenylenediamine is another chemical in which can cause respiratory diseases and/or renal failure. This chemical is also called hair dye poisoning. Both chemicals, among many others, can be found in hair dyes.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have always questioned everything. I wandered how everything was made from the smallest item I could see to our Universe.  I used to dye my hair with these drug store hair dyes until I started doing research on the hazardous ingredients that these contains.

Thankfully, I found Henna and Indigo. Now, I do not have to use chemicals to color my hair. Henna naturally colors your hair copper red, while indigo colors your hair black. When mixed, you can obtain a dark or light brown depending on the amount of each. There is only one ingredient in Henna and Indigo. Both are plants, and individuals crush the dried leaves for the product. That’s it! Amazing, isn’t it?

Indigo does not cover grey hair alone. You will need to apply henna first to cover grey hairs.

To obtain a beautiful medium brown hair color these are my steps:

  • Since I have long hair, I use 200 gram bag of Indigo and 100 gram bag of Henna from Henna Cosmetics.
  • I pour the Henna and Indigo into separate mixing bowls.
  • I always add warn water little by little and mix until I reach a paste like consistency.
  • During this step, I add honey or lemon juice since these are high in vitamins (depending on what I have on hand). You do not have to add any of these.
  • After mixing everything separately, cover the bowl and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
  • The product changes to a darker color, this is totally normal!
  • I apply the product starting from bottom to top.
  • I leave the product on my hair for 3 to 4 hours.
  • I rinse the product out without shampoo nor conditioner.
  • After 24 hours, I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Is a longer process than regular hair dye; however, this is a natural way to dye your hair without any chemicals. I apply a small amount of henna first for a few hours to cover my grey hair. I let this henna sit for a few hours before doing this process. I highly recommend, if you have long hair, to get 200 gram bag of each, if you like a medium brown hair color.

We created Henna Cosmetics to bring a product that is not harmful to the user and the environment. We care for what our people use on their bodies, and the waste products from their manufacturing. We will always strive to bring you the best quality product.

From our family to yours

Henna Cosmetics.