NEVER USE PUNISHING PEROXIDE AGAIN! Natural Ways To Get Brown or Chestnut Hair

Applying our Brown and Chestnut Color Mix:

What you will need:

Pure Brown/Chestnut Color Mix
Black Coffee (brewed) or just water
Shower Cap
One Non-Metallic Bowl (a glass bowl is preferred)
One pair of Plastic Gloves
Hair Dye Brush (optional)
Non Metallic Spoon for stirring (or non metallic stirrer)

Step 1
Make sure your hair is clean and damp before applying the Henna Paste.

Step 2
Pour the Henna Mix into the bowl. Add water or coffee slowly until you get a pancake, yogurt or pudding like consistency.

Step 3
Allow the blend so rest for 20-25 minutes.

Step 4
Section off your hair into 4 parts.

Step 5
After you put your gloves on, take your hair dye brush (or fingers) and apply the henna mix in a downward motion. Make sure to apply the henna from the roots to the ends.

Step 6
Use the shower cap to cover your hair entirely.

Let the henna sit in your hair for at least 3 hours

Step 8
Use cold water to rinse your hair. Make sure to keep rinsing until water runs clean. Do not shampoo at this time. You can safely shampoo and condition your hair after 24-48 hours. We highly recommend to wash your hair with Argan Oil or Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner which are parabens and sulfate free.

 Please note: 

1) This natural product DOES NOT cover gray hair so you may have to do a second step with our Pure Indigo Hair Dye to cover gray.

2) Based on what color you start, it may turn your hair orange (especially your gray hair), do a small test with hair from your brush before applying.

This product is natural. Results may vary widely.

Chestnut Hair Coloring contains Walnut Shell Powder, please DO NOT USE it if you have nut allergies.

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