A Hidden Gem for the Brain in Ayurveda: Bramhi Powder

What is Brahmi?

Bacopa monnieri, also known as Brahmi or Water Hyssop, is a perennial plant that has been a staple in Ayurvedic Medicine for centuries. 

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Brahmi has been widely use by Ayurvedic Practitioners because of the great benefits that it offers to our overall health, especially to the Brian Function. 

Brahmi contains potent antioxidant compounds known as Bacosides which are responsible for most of Brahmi's health benefits. This compound has been used for numerous purposes, including the improvement of memory, the reduction of stress, and others. 

Benefits of Brahmi Powder 


Brahmi leaves are rich in proteins that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds responsible of protecting our cells of damage caused by free radicals. This damage can lead to dangerous diseases and harmful conditions like some types of cancer. 

Bacosides, the main component in Brahmi, is known to be a great defense against those free radicals, providing the cells with a natural way to counter these substances, protecting our health in the process. 



A study by the Pharmacol Biochem Behav. (see more) shows the adaptonenic effects of Brahmi in our system. Adaptogens are known to increase our body's resistance to stress. 

Brahmi is known to improve the mood by reducing the levels or cortisol. Cortisol is known as the Stress hormone. Cortisol is necessary to keep the body from being in a constant state of stress, however, high levels of cortisol in a extended period time can lead to different conditions, such as weigh gain, muscle weakness, weak bones, and others. 


Inflammation is the body's natural response to fighting certain diseases and conditions. However, chronic inflammation can lead to even worse diseases and conditions. That's why it's important that we do not let our body to stay in a constant state of inflammation. 

In some tube tests (see study), Brahmi has been shown to be efficient in stopping the release of cytokines, enzymes that take an important part in facilitating inflammation. 

 ADHD and Epilepsy

 ADHD are the acronyms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a neurodevelopmental condition that  causes lack of attention, increased hyperactivity and, in some patients, impulsivity. 

 A study administered by the Adv Mind Body Med in 31 children found that taking Brahmi extract for at least 6 months showed a reduction of ADHD symptoms. Some of these symptoms are: Poor self control, lack of attention, and impulsivity. 

Can be used by people with Insomnia

Sleep is one of the most essential activities to maintain a healthy system. Sadly, many people struggle on a daily basis to enjoy some quality sleep, having to rely on drugs and chemical. 

Brahmi is a natural way to reduce the levels of cortisol in our system, this can lead us to be more relaxed and less stressed before bedtime, leading to a deeper sleep (see more).

How to consume Brahmi 

Brahmi can be consumed as a Daily Supplement: Take 1/4-1/2 tsp of Brahmi before or after lunch and dinner. Mix with honey for taste.

You can also brew the powder to take it as a tea. 

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Brahmi Powder



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