3 Ways Triphala Helps With Digestion And Weight Loss

, also known as the "Three Fruits," is an herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to help with digestion and weight loss.

Triphala contains three fruits: Amla (Amalaki or Indian gooseberry), Baheda  (Bibhitaki or Behada or Belleric myrobalan) and Harad  (Haritaki or Chebulic myrobalan). These three herbs have been shown to possess strong digestive properties which can be helpful for people who struggle with constipation or other difficulties related to digestion. In addition, many studies show that the natural compounds found in these three fruits promote a healthy metabolism. This can lead not only to weight loss, but also increased energy levels!

Triphala is a polyherbal medicine which helps prevent chronic disease and promotes longevity. It also helps you lose unwanted fat, so if you want to lose weight here are some benefits of trying Triphala.

1. Ayurvedic herb mix Triphala benefits weight loss by improving digestion and lowering cholesterol, increasing water removal from the body.

Using Triphala as a weight loss herbal supplement has many health benefits that can help you lose weight as well as manage cholesterol levels.

2. Black myrobalan or bibhitaki, an ingredient in Triphala, is a type of medicinal plant often used in Ayurveda, so you might see it also referred as the Indian gooseberry. It helps regulate cholesterol levels and keep muscle and bones healthy.

3. If you want to use Triphala for weight loss - 3 different ways to take it (pick only one):

- Use 2 tablets in a glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch.

- Have one tablet with tomato juice or ginger tea during the day.

- Take 1/2 tsp daily mixed into 8 oz. pure water three times a day

Triphala powder mixed with cold water

Mix two teaspoons of Triphala in a glass and 8 oz. of cold water. Pour the liquid in an airtight container and leave it overnight. Drink that mixture in the morning ina  fasted state (on an empty stomach).

Losing weight with Triphala tea

You can also make Triphala tea with Triphala powder. To make the tea, add a tablespoon of triphala powder into boiling water and pour the beverage in a cup for it to cool. Add ¼ teaspoon lime juice before drinking it through an infuser or straw.

Buy Our Pure, Organic, Natural Ingredients for Triphala:

Amla (Amalaki or Indian gooseberry),

Baheda  (Bibhitaki or Behada or Belleric myrobalan) 

Harad  (Haritaki or Chebulic myrobalan)


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